Making Conclusion From Introduction

What we’re going to do today is this one here we’re gonna do this one I personally think it’s probably easier to do both sides of the argument and then come to the conclusion plus I think that will get you a higher score because you’re showing off your sophistic sophisticated thinking sophisticated thinking because you can see both sides of the argument you can just argue for one side but I do think that this is probably a better sort of structure to follow so let’s do this one today okay sentence by sentence how do we write this essay that clock is still ticking down this is the overall essay structure sentence by sentence let me talk you through it just briefly before we look at it in detail.

First thing is the introduction one two three sentence introduction you will then move into paragraph one it will have four sentences paragraph two will be exactly the same four sentences and then you’ll write your conclusion which will just have two sentences fine now you might notice something about this which is whoopsie which is your introduction and the conclusion that are almost exactly the same in your introduction your sentence one you rewrite the general statement essay writing service nz you briefly mentioned side one and two before giving your overall opinion in the conclusion you rewrite the general statement before giving your overall opinion so you miss sentence two but other than that they’re exactly the same and you’ll notice that the paragraphs are exactly the same you just fill them with different content sentence one restate site one restate side to sentence to give reasons sentence to give reasons.

Three give examples sentence three give examples sentence four conclude sentence four conclude they’re exactly the same so this and this are the same structure as long as you know that structure you’ll be safe sometimes I’ve seen this crazy template circulating the internet and it’s like two hundred and fifty words long and it’s got all these sophisticated sentences with gaps and you’re supposed to fill the gaps in order to write your essay oh my god seriously don’t do that to yourself that means you have to memorize an entire essay do you know the pressure that puts you under when you’re going into an exam and you’ve trying to memorize 200 words.

It’s like it’s like performing in a play like a Shakespeare play and you have to memorize the lines and you can’t think clearly if that’s the case because you’re not really thinking you’re memorizing it’s insane don’t do that don’t use a did the teacher thing don’t use the template come with the structure a structure is different because you’re not memorizing specific words you’re just memorizing the overall story terr of the essay so then you can fill it with any ideas at all and you can be absolutely flexible and no matter what question prompt you see it will work the template on the other hand won’t work for all question prompts it’s a really bad idea.