Providing Evidence In Research Paper

With case studies we’re basically talking about you know stories that illustrate what is valid okay so you know let’s say that your again I guess I’ve been using the social loafing thing right and you wanted to prove village Annihilus cause it and you know maybe you are looking at cases of when does this happen in real businesses so you know I don’t know maybe you find cases of small working groups at HP or smaller working groups at you or small working groups in someplace where they study this kind of thing and they say okay you know let’s look at the data and sort of see whether or not that is supporting the argument that I have regarding Coolidge and isalus you see I’m saying like you’re looking at real evidence in real stories real people and scholars who’ve sort of gathered this data in a very objective action when you’re dealing with interviews you’ve got to realize that their anecdotal that is you’re asking one person their opinion their story their version of what happened okay. Find out more about providing good evidence onĀ Edusson.

And if you attribute too much weight to that then that becomes a very biased answer right because basically you’re having one person’s opinion so for the most part you know you want stuff that’s a little bit more systematic than that you want just not the opinion of one person but the aggregated results come from lots of people having said that it’s still nice sometimes to illustrate by asking the other thing is that I’ll say and we’ll go over this in a few minutes is that let’s say that you’re doing a research project yourself and you think it might be good to include that kind of thing but you’re the one doing the or something I don’t think there’s an instructor around you may see if you’re gonna say oh no don’t do that that’d be a bad honey that’s great of course it’s anecdotal right what you want to do then is in an upcoming part that we’ll talk about here.

If you want to put out some caveat some qualifiers and basically say look you know this is one person’s opinion you know we it’s not affecting the entire picture of what I’m telling you but it is illustrating some things right you know nobody in an undergraduate level is expecting you to sort of have an absolute slam dunk in terms of proving a thesis statement all right you’re going to do the best you can with the trillions you’ve got but the important thing is and this is a good step toward analyzing not just research papers or business writing or doing anything in your work is to understand the limitations of the data that you have right if you go out to a boss or whatever and you’ve got you know some information and you want them to make a key decision based on that information you want to make sure that they understand what those limitations are if they don’t they might make that decision right.