Self-Reflecting In Essay

If you follow in writing your leadership essay you just have to invest in the step-by-step process start with a self-reflection okay mind map it look at every aspect of your life and then find the best examples write all the examples and then begin to prioritize them as you doing this I also want you to think about the kinds of values the schools that you are targeting have like how do they value leadership you know and sometimes they will tell you if you spend enough time getting to know the school you get a sense of you know if schools leadership style or you know like what they like to see and I’m not trying to say that there’s only one kind of leader but you get a sense of like the brand of the school and the only kind of students you meet with majority of them that tells you something about a school ok then as more than looking at the school’s brand.

I want you to also consider your personal brand you know and what kind of a personal brand like what kind of a leader are you as you’re doing this reflection right are you a maverick leader right or your charismatic leader are you a quiet leader your thought leader right are you collaborative and on and on there’s a variety of adjectives I can use to describe different leadership styles that people have you have to be clear on authentically who are you as a person and that’s where that comprehensive personal branding system that expert is pioneered you know and I’ll talk about this at the end you know of our time together it’s so vital because it is all part of putting the foundation the building blocks of a solid application strategy and so knowing what your your brand is and as part of that your leadership style you know will help you hone in on like the best examples that will reflect that as you’re also factoring in the types of leadership kind of culture the school values as well okay.

So now after you’ve done your self-reflection branded yourself you’ve got clarity around what it is you want to share about yourself I now want you to take the time to invest in creating an outline again this is something I’ve seen applicants get tripped up by you know it’s very tempting to just want to get in front of your computer and start typing right if you’ve done some soul-searching you have a general sense of where you want to go and you want to start writing before you do that I really really want to encourage you to hit pause and force yourself to do an outline okay and ask yourself okay what are the skills that I really want to hone in on okay because it’s not as if you have unlimited space to talk about everything you want to talk about your skills.